Amina Clark


Vital Stats:
Age: 29
Bust: 36A
Waist: 25

“I’m of the mind that you and I share much in common…”

I’m of the mind that you and I share much in common: We are among those who are enamored with secrets, the taboo, and the beautiful. Ours is a world of heady extremes that keeps us feeling young and fresh. We are creators, leaders (by choice or by necessity) and loyal friends; We demand much from those around us and even more from ourselves.

And you… you have spent a lifetime cultivating the successes you now enjoy. There were highs and lows, setbacks and successes, but here you stand, napologetic about your desires and intent on securing them. You seek the satisfaction of a worthwhile challenge and appreciate a woman who can deliver just that; You are curious, tactile, cerebral.

As for myself, I am a woman of contrasts: One who delights in both the excellent and the profane. A petite but curvy, boyish girl, with a penchant for cleverly concealed filth, I aim to please and be pleased in equal measure. I am warm, worldly, bold, silly and constantly intrigued by so much of this world.

My wishes are simple: To begin, a glass of red accompanied by a heated glance and a palm at the small of my back; A gentle undulation of my vertebrae as a small shiver runs through me. I want laughter to fill our chests and burst forth messily from our lips. I want to feel your forehead against mine. And as our evening comes to a close, I dream of resting comfortably in the crook of your shoulder as we brush our fingers across each others’ bare skin.

I want you, if only for a moment…

Until we meet,
Amina Clark

My Menu

  • GFE
  • PSE
  • Couples
  • Virgins
  • Women
  • 2 guys & me
  • Dollification
  • Masturbation shows
  • Fetishes (including Greek)
  • Dinner dates
  • Netflix & Chill
  • Overnights

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Snapchat: Nubiancocaine
Twitter: @AminaClark11
Instagram: Amina_Clark8217

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