Chanel Milano


Vital Stats:
Age: 21
Height: 5’5
Weight: 114 lbs
Bust: 36C
Bi-Sexual: Yes
Kiss/GFE: Yes

“Passionate And Real—A Sex-Lover’s Delight!!!”

Have you ever experienced the perfect lover? Who is a natural sex partner without hesitation or inhibitions? Let me be that girl for you, the one you have always dreamed and fantasized about, but never have been quite able to put your finger on. Hi, my name is Chanel Milano, courtesan at the Love Ranch-Vegas, and I am a real and passionate young lady who knows how to be sexual and sensual at the same time. As you can see by my photos I am an olive-complected cutie who enjoys having the hot-blood of the Mediterranean coursing through

my veins, and most importantly, between my legs! LOL! The boys say that I am “hot-to-trot” and I am proud to say that is absolutely true! For me, having sex with a man–or women, or couple–is the best way to get to know you! When you get naked, that breaks down so many barriers–know what I mean? Of course we don’t have to get nude right away! At the Love Ranch we have a wonderful sitting parlor, great bar, and games we can play if you would like. Also I want to give you the grand tour of the place and all the fantasy and VIP rooms! Sooner or later though, we will be in my bedroom, on my private bed,and I will be attacking you–and I hope you will be attacking me as well! LOL! From that point on I am game for whatever you like! Me on top, you on top, side-by-side, me on my knees, using sex toys and dildos…I never want it to stop! And you will only stop when I make you cum like a rocket! How to

make this all cum true for you? All you have to do is write me a sweet little email right here on this page, and that will set the wheels in motion! So let’s have sex, right away please! LOL! See you toots!

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