Stephanie Gain

Email: stephaniegain@LoveRanch.net

Vital Stats:
Age: 27
Height: 5’4
Weight: 130lbs
Bust: 34B
Bisexual: Yes
Fetishes: Submissive, Dominant, BDSM, Voyeurism, Roleplay, Humiliation, Toys, Dirty Talk, GFE, PSE

Hello everyone my name is Stephanie game I’m Taina and Puerto Rican mix.

I come from a military family. I spent most of my life traveling, I have had the pleasure of living in Germany for many years as a child and eventually went back as an adult. I’ve travel to France, Italy, Denmark, Holland and skied in Australia . You can say I’m very cultured and well-traveled. My zodiac sign is Libra, I’m the scale, very balanced get along very well with people. I’m ruled by Venus goddess of beauty and love which can explain why I love to be surrounded by art, culture and harmonious environment. I’m very giving, passionate and sexual. Yes, I’m that person who would give my last dollar to someone without hesitation as I value people not money. I was raised to be independent,respectful loyal, a leader and stand up for what I believe in. I love life and definitely drama-free. I believe in The Law of Attraction whatever you put out in the universe will come back good or bad, with that being said being positive is a key in my life.

My goal is to have enough money saved to have multiple businesses and stimulate the economy and start a nonprofit organization. I love to please exually as it is a huge turn-on. I am very in tune sexually with my body, hence why I have multiple orgasms, squirt and very very good at making sure you’re pleased. Although I’m in sex industry sex isn’t my main focused. I am big on building connection, GFE, snuggling, intimate conversations, and just relaxing making you feel like you’re special and appreciate it.

Girlfriend experience: Feel the passion soaring through your body with every touch. Conversating about life, dreams, and sharing secrets. Looking into each other’s eyes feeling at ease, getting lost in the moment. Kissing gently on the lips, inhaling your breath and slowly letting my breath exhale on your body. Caressing you with my hands sliding up and down your body, gently whispering to you all the things I want to do to you. Allow me to give you GFE that will have you dreaming of me for years to come.

Overnight experience: Treat yourself to uninterrupted fun and pleasure. Just come with overnight bag and let me take care of the rest. Get to
truly experience being treated like royalty. Enjoy bubble bath, champagne, massage, fantasy fulfillment, fetishes, multiple positions and cuddling. Just to name a few. The best part is waking up getting that morning treat and breakfast in bed.

Virgins experience: Being able to be your first is a true honor. I take it seriously and assure you will be treated with care. I will teach you
how to please a woman, what get us going, where to find G-spot, how to last and a few secrets that will have all the women you encounter begging for more. Leave with confidence and a new understanding of women and how to meet our needs as well as have your needs met.

Sensual massage experience: The power of touch! My hands are strong enough to loosen knots break through tight muscles yet soft enough to put you to sleep. Once I dig in from head to toe including hands you will feel like you’re floating on air feel all the tension release from your body. I highly recommend massages before sex. One to relax body and two get things heated up!

Oral sex experience: I genuinely love to give oral. Looking into your eyes my saliva soaking all over my lips, hands and face glistening, taking my time, slightly grabbing and tugging on your balls.Trust once my mouth wraps around be prepared for your toes to curl.

Pornstar experience: Let’s get unconventional get out of the basics fulfill those fantasies of position seen on videos. Better yet get creative and make our own positions, do things that you have dreamed about. Let’s term dreams to reality.

Roleplay experience: Let your imagination run wild.I have tons of clothes and costumes pick out my attire and theme there’s nothing too crazy for me. I can be that dirty maid, slutty neighbor, innocent girl next door, whatever your heart desires. Just thinking about it gets me stimulated!

Masturbation Delight: Experience watching me use a toy. We can use one of mines or pick a toy from our many selections from gift shop, conveniently located in ranch. The fun doesn’t stop there we can both watch each other or I can use a toy on you. Toys are so much fun and really gets me hot and wet.

Fetish experience: Kick-start your inner Kink. Incorporate things into your sexual repertoire broaden your Horizon.Communicate what you want and get exactly what you asked for even more. We all have a little or a lot of sexual deviant the more open the better your experience.

Half and half experience: Take pleasure in oral and vaginal sex. Don’t cheat yourself get the best of both. you deserve it!

Submissive and dominant experience: Do you like to be controlled? Or do you like to have authority? I enjoy yielding myself to him and giving him the power to give me pleasurable pain. However I am domineering by Nature with a dominatrix twist look no further when it comes to being dominated.

Bubble bath/ hot tub/pool party experience: You can have a one-on-one bubble bath with me in Honeymoon Suit or just enjoy the outdoors in hot tub relaxing having a few drinks enjoying the view of me in the nude or just take a swim in the pool.

Two girl experience: Venture into double action, double pleasure, double fun. Pick a sexy hot woman to join or allow me to pick. You can’t go wrong.

All parties are different and each person is unique. If there is anything that I have not listed please feel free to ask as I’m always open to new things and adventure.

Your Goddess awaits you,


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